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The MFUC aims at reinforcing the cooperation between France and Malaysia in various fields of higher education and research.
The MFUC acts as a facilitator and assists higher educational institutions from both countries to establish partnerships, joint degrees or student exchanges. The MFUC also provides assistance to students who wish to pursue their studies in France, and provides assistance towards the mutual recognition of degrees in both countries. MFUC focuses in promoting educational cooperation between Malaysia and France, and provides the interface between Malaysian and French higher educational institutions.
We assist students to:
  • achieve their ambition by identifying suitable programmes;
  • identify joint PhDs opportunities;
  • complete the registration process;
  • prepare their stay in France;
  • and facilitate their internship placements.

We assist universities to:

  • identify partners for their projects;
  • enter a dynamic network;
  • create twinning programs;
  • benefit from successful experiences;
  • achieve inter-governmental degree recognition;
  • further enhance their academic resources.


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