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Malaysian institutions of higher learning are flexible on the entrance qualifications of potential students. There is no one common, specific entrance examination to filter or select students entering universities for higher education, as good grades in any of the recognized various terminal examinations are acceptable.

In general, public universities take in students with minimum examination qualifications of the Malaysian Qualification Program (at least STPM or Matriculation). On the other hand, private colleges or universities accept students who possess the External Academic Qualification [SAM (Aust.), CPU (Canada), SMU3 from Indonesia], as well as other equivalent post-secondary education qualifications awarded by the Examination Boards of various countries. If they are qualified, these students are generally allowed to do a pre-university or Foundation program at private institutions to qualify for the year one degree program they wish to study.

At this tertiary education level, institutions of higher learning offer courses leading to the award of Certificate, Diploma and Degree qualifications. Certificate, Diploma, first Degree and higher degree programs (academic and professional) are adequately provided for by both public and private education sectors.

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