The bilateral cooperation in research between France and Malaysia has started more than 30 years ago. Based on strong relations and mutual respect, it is recognised to be at high level and high quality.

Joint research mainly cover different domains such us sustainable environment, sustainable chemistry, economy and management of tropical forest, biodiversity, engineering, material physics, social sciences, computer sciences, health.

The cooperation is structured through two International Associated Laboratories, one international Group of Research, one platform of research, one Institute and many others agreement between labs and groups of researchers from both countries.
A new partnership of research between France and Malaysia, PHC Hibiscus, has been approved at the end of 2018. The first call For project has been launched in February 2019.

The CUFM support the exchange and sharing of knowledge and expertise between France and Malaysia through its program « French scholar to Malaysia » and « Malaysian Scholar to France »


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Funded by the Embassy of France in Malaysia, the Master scholarship program is implemented by the Malaysia-France University Centre (MFUC) to support and enhance the mobility of Malaysian Master students who intend to pursue one or two semesters in a French institution of higher education (university, engineer school, etc).

The program is based on an annual call for projects, an evaluation process and a selection of projects guided by an interest and ambition of excellence.

Who can apply?
The call for projects is open to all Malaysian citizens who are registered in an institution of higher education in France to follow at least one semester of Master studies (M1 or M2). Students who are already studying in France and are willing to pursue at Master level, are also eligible.

No age limitation applies to the programme.

Which areas of study?
The call is open to all areas of study.

What support is provided by the scholarship?
The support takes the form of an allowance (lump sum corresponding to 900 euros per month) aimed at partially or fully covering the expenditures linked to the mobility (e.g. return flight tickets, housing, catering). As French government scholarship holders, the selected candidates will also benefit from a social security coverage and subject to availabilities, will have access to university housing.

What are the evaluation criteria?
Eligible projects will be evaluated by MFUC and the French Embassy based on the following criteria:
– Excellence of competencies
– Relevance of the selected studies
– Targeted institution
– Future perspectives

What are the conditions of application?
– University term must necessarily start either in September 2020 or in January 2021.
– Mid-term and final reports must be submitted to MFUC.
– Selected candidates must agree to be recorded in the MFUC alumni database.

Application schedule
Launch of the call: May 12, 2020
Deadline for submission: June 14, 2020
Communication of results: July 2020
Start of studies: September 2020 or January 2021

What beyond?
Candidates selected for this first call will be eligible for applying to the second call of application that may be publish in 2021 in order to pursue further their Master studies in France.


FAQ – MFUC Master Scholarship

 1. In order to apply to the MFUC scholarship, should the applicant already be registered in a French University?

Not necessarily. The call for projects is open to all Malaysian citizens who have applied to a Higher Education Institution in France to follow at least one semester of Master studies (M1 or M2).

2. Is the MFUC scholarship for MSc coursework or research?

The MFUC scholarship is mainly for Master’s degree programmes (M1 or M2), but research can also be considered.

3. How long is the duration of the MFUC scholarship?

The MFUC scholarship can last for a minimum of one semester (6 months) and a maximum of two semesters (a full academic year: namely 9 months).

4. Is the MFUC scholarship covering the University tuition fees?

The MFUC scholarship gives the student the status of « French Government Scholarship Holder » (BGF: « Boursier du Gouvernement Français ») which exempts the student from tuition fees in French public Universities.

For other Higher Education Institutions, the allowance can be used to pay a part or the totality of the tuition fees.

5. Is the MFUC scholarship covering two years of Master’s degree (M1 and M2)?

The MFUC scholarship covers the costs for a maximum of two semesters (a full academic year: namely 9 months). However, candidates selected for this first call will be eligible for applying to the second call of application that may be published in 2021 in order to pursue further their Master studies in France.

6. Would a support letter from a supervisor/professor from previous university help my application? 

Yes. You may add a support letter from a supervisor / professor from a previous Higher Education Institution, to your application.


Contact Person
Ms. Hélène Barrett
Deputy Director (France)
Malaysia – France University Centre
144-02, 2nd Floor, Patent House
Jalan Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur

PHC Hibiscus

France and Malaysia have agreed to create a joint funding program for the development of innovative and high-level joint research projects. This “matching grant” program is called Hubert Curien Partnership France Malaysia Hibiscus – PHC Hibiscus.

This partnership between the Department of Higher Education, Ministry of Education, Malaysia and the French Government aims to support research projects carried out jointly by Malaysian and French teams. These co-operations will develop synergies between the research communities of the two countries in order to create structured and sustainable high standards research networks recognized at the European and international level.

The schedule for the 2nd Franco-Malaysian PHC HIBISCUS Call for proposals 2020 is the following :

Launch of the call for proposals : 1st December 2019
Deadline for application : 31st January 2020
Dissemination of results: May 2020
Beginning of projects: May 2020

Two applications must be submitted for the joint project to be eligible:

The French application must be submitted to Campus France at
and the Malaysian application file must be submitted to Malaysia Greater Research Network Systems (MyGRANTS) at

More information and precisions on PHC Hibiscus are available for each group on their respective website for application.

Contact for the program

Ø French Contact Person

Dr. Angeline Blanc-Serre
Attaché of Scientific and University
Cooperation Embassy of France
in Malaysia Level 31 – Integra Tower 348
Jalan Tun Razak 50400 Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
Email :

Ø Malaysian Contact Person

Rohida Kamis
Senior Principal Assistant Director
Special Fund and Coordination Section       
Institutions of Higher Education Research Excellence Division
Department of Higher Education   

Mél :

Siti Fazlina Mohd Sani   
Senior Assistant Secretary
Special Fund and Coordination Section
Institutions of Higher Education Research Excellence Division
Department oh Higner Education
Mél :

MFUC Scholar Programme

MFUC Scholar Programme is dedicated to the mobility of French and Malaysian experts wishing to share their experience and excellence.

When you are invited by the partner country to give a talk or to participate to a conference, to share your expertise of Higher Education, Research and you need financial support for your mobility, then this is the programme for you.

If you are interested to know more about MFUC Scholar Programme, feel free to contact us by fillling in the form below.

Research Programme